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PScoat is a unique thermo-insulating material utilizing nanotechnology based on microspheres with extraordinary insulating and protective properties.

The PSC is applied by machine or hand-brushed, usually in the layer 1.5-3mm thick. Simple application in very short time. Easy repairs right on the damaged site. The PSC reflects > 91% of the light across its whole spectrum (TSR). Heat Shield of PSC is UV resistant, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. With PSC, you can achieve significant energy savings. Thanks to the thin application layer you can save the space and load to medium and so increase its service life. PSC products are divided according to their properties into two basic classes: PSC - INDUSTRY (impermeable for vapours) and PSC - BUILD SYSTEM (permeable for vapours). All PSC products are fully certified.

  • unique advanced thermal insulating material

  • based on nanotechnology and closed microspheres

  • complete replacement for polystyrene and mineral wool

  • minimizes heat transfer between surfaces

  • with application layer of 1-3mm

  • it saves space and weight, can be applied anywhere

  • there is no need to have a special application team - application by spraying or brushing

  • check of possible defects is possible by naked eye, the possibility of quick repairs

Areas suitable for PScoat coating.

  • Building interiors and exteriors

  • Roofs

  • Ceilings

  • Walls

  • Underground floors/basements

  • Distribution systems/pipelines

  • Metal parts

  • Railings

  • Facades

  • and more


Specific properties of PScoat

  • ability to withstand temperatures from -200 to +200°C

  • it can be applied directly to hot surfaces up to +150°C

  • it can be applied both externally and internally

  • anti corossion

  • very good adhesive

  • reflection of all radiation in its entire spectrum (TSR)> 92%

  • complete replacement for polystyrene, mineral wool and other insulating materials

  • nanotechnology based on microspheres

  • possible application of different colour shades

  • colour stability

  • elastic

  • resistant to acids and other chemical compounds (C4, C5 environments)

  • protection against moulds

  • corrosion protection

  • protection against condensation

  • UV resistant

  • simple application on complex surfaces (e.g. valves...)

  • prevention within OSHE


UK representative: Mr. Benco +44 7923 210190; email:

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